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neighbors before ordering the three suspects to come out. >> they told us to get back of the house, on the other side of the house, and you know, say away from the windows and stuff like that. but they department -- didn't know if they were going to fire on them. >> the three suspects are from oregon and colorado. investigators say it appears that they randomly selected the home, and they are currently held on first degree robbery charges. >>> now to the san francisco giants and the national league championship series. the huge win yesterday is turning into a lot of money today. cari liu is showing who's cashing in. >> reporter: you can't help but notice how many people are carrying bags full of merchandise, and local businesses are getting ready for sunday whether game 1 is home or away. leslie said she would be out today with a bad case of orange october. >> a play and a miss. >> oh, we screamed. we screamed, and we jumped into each other's arms. >> reporter: this lifelong fan started going to games with her dad in 1958. >> the plastic statue of willie mays kept next to my barbi
after using the girl in a shoplifting attempt. she is expected to arrive at the jail in 10 minutes here. investigators say last month she used her daughter in a shoplifting attempt in morgan hill. the mother took off when an employee confronted the girl. >>> san francisco police are asking asking for help in solving a shooting death. they believe this sketch resembled the man -- resembles the man. witnesses describe the shooter in his 20s, 5'9", and wearing a blue golden state warriors jacket. >>> what is it going to take to stop the violence? that is what they are asking tonight in oakland after five people were killed during 18 hours this week. ktvu's paul chambers tells us some want the governor to declare a state of emergency. paul? >> reporter: there have been 94 homicides in oakland this year. a number that is not sitting well with anyone. >> reporter: police say with the uptick in crime it is time for the community to ban together. city and community leaders showed a united front. police say they are not connected but the victims were targeted. >> the city experienced five murder
of getting the field ready, including last night's downpour. we begin with david davis telling us even though the world series will bring in alot of fun for the city, there is a bigger benefit. >> reporter: san francisco businesses are hoping for a big win as well. fans are not the only one excited about this. at $16 the special of the week at san francisco's prospect restaurant, a slow cooked each, nestled in italian black rice. the colors of the san francisco giants. >> i think we will call it the homerun. >> reporter: san francisco businesses hoping for a financial grand slam with the world series start on wednesday. the city is coming off one of the strongest summers for tourism in years. the games are said to add to the wind fall. >> we are excited about this. >> >> reporter: the city's 34,000 rooms are filling up. >> they are coming from across the country. regionally, we saw in 2010, that people come from other areas around the bay area and actually stay in the city and enjoy the game. >> >> reporter: hard numbers are not available for how much the series netted in the 2010 series. we
, spur of the moment, to make this trip. rain or shine, they tell us they're glad they did. >> we love our giants. go, giants! >> what's it like being in this sea of red? >> it's okay. actually, everybody has been really nice. we're very impressed. >> they need some runs. we're worried about that storm coming in. >> reporter: they're both great teams so it's really exciting to see them battle it out. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: they pulled on their plastic chairs. they were not going to wear the red cardinal ones. but this rain threat has been with us all day, even at batting practice hours ago. the skies were gray, wind was kicking up. the word was that the storm might start at the beginning of the game, but then that kept getting pushed back. so, as you know, we've got about two-plus hours into it. just past the seventh inning stretch, which has become now the seventh inning sleeper here at busch stadium. i was told that in '06 they had a huge downpour here with 80- mile-an-hour winds that tore the tarp, flooded the bay front, and he said within an hour after it stopped, they we
of the organization. >>> there are reports that three u.s. troops and their translator were among 14 people killed today in afghanistan. it happened to the south of coble. a spokesperson said the bomber was driving a motorcycle and ran into afghan police and u.s. troops. a spokesperson says six civilians and four police officers were also killed. nato hasn't confirmed the identities of the troops killed. >>> the first debate is set for wednesday and president obama and mitt romney have been hard at work practicing. mitt romney sent 8 days getting ready for the debate. mitt romney is spending the next two days in colorado. the president is in nevada. he stopped by a campaign office before heading to his practice sessions with john kerry. there are three debates scheduled. >>> ktvu will air the debate wednesda it begins at 6:00 p.m. president obama and mitt romney will answer questions about domestic policy. ktvu channel 2 news will air after that debate. >>> yahoo's ceo has a big job tonight, she is a new mo marissa mayer delivered a ba boy last night. her tweeabouthe re't al the name marimaplto ta
us any details on. >> we have new rules but we're not enforcing them, that's why i think it got to the level that it got. >> reporter: now there's several private security guards walking around oakland city hall today. once again we're on our way. the march is on again. people are back out here gathering. we've seen 30 to 40 people out here getting ready to march to city hall. there's a group already at city hall taking part of a protest there. we will march with this group and if something breaks we will bring it to you. if not we will see you tonight at 6:00 for the meeting. until then, paul chambers, ktvu news. >>> ktvu's rita williams with what appears to be a disturbing trend after five shootings in just days. >> reporter: oakland has seen spikes before but this one is dramatic. four killed in oakland in just nine hours, statistics to some, to others the loss of real people who were loved. >> we sort of left with this big blank spot up in our minds and hearts like gone. just gone. >> reporter: she's talking about 23-year-old robert dale. a neighbor she's known since he wa
. mitt romney is using foreign policy to sharpen his attack on president obama. coming up what he would do differently to restore peace to the middle east. >>> mi pueblo is being hit with a boycott today. groups are falling on mi pueblo to rescind its decision to participate in a program that checks the immigration status of workers. they joined the program after federal immigration officials launched an audit in august of the immigration status of workers. >>> business owners are dealing with a fall out of a protest. ktvu's paul chambers is live with how one leader is saying the mayor needs to do more. >> reporter: before we get oo that, police -- to that, police tell me they knew of the protest but only expected 30-40 people who had peaceful protests in the past, that is why no additional officers were working. 2-300 occupies joined in and started causing havoc. >> 200 anti-war protesters took to the street, they broke countless windows. >> like every month. horrible. >> reporter: clean up begins, deja vu for many businesses after a night of a protest. >> every time something happens,
the rescue crews. oracle tell us they plan to provide us with video taken during the crash. there's a snip with that. we'll check in now with bill martin who will let us know what the conditions were like when this happened. >> reporter: john we were talking about it in the newsroom just a few moments ago. they are in a nasty spot. the tide is flying out of the gate. it went from a 6-foot tide it's going down to a minus .8. see that brown water around the boat, that's sediment being pulled out of the bay as the outgoing tide very strong right now. they're also in a situation where there's some pretty good sized swells. we have a little bit of south swell and knot swell. some of those swells are a good 10-foot. the beaches are showing up a little bigger than that but it's a large swell. you have winds coming at 29 miles per hour. you have an outgoing current flying out the gate. those two meet right in the potato patch right where they are. right in this area. and you've got some very choppy water. right where the boat is we watched it flow half hour had moved another mile. it's really goin
they want them. >> reporter: you are going to be here and talk to us -- >> tomorrow. absolutely. tomorrow. >> reporter: i talked to management, they say two hours ago there were a thousand tickets remaining for tomorrow's game, that game takes place if the a's win tonight. for the next series, the alcs, 30,000 tickets are available for that. it is possible the a's may open up more seats here. that's something they are looking at. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and our coverage continues online on www.ktvu.com. you will find the latest under the playoff tab. >>> an explosion at a home cept one woman to -- sents one woman to the hospital. ktvu's robert handa is live now. >> reporter: we have been asked to back up away from the house along with firefighters because pg&e investigators just gone inside to figure out more about the explosion incident that shook this neighborhood this afternoon. you can see some of the initial damage, as well as work the firefighters had to do to get inside. here is what it looked like after the explosion from a second floor kitchen. this is cell phone v
the area alert for tomorrow. just like they did today they are asking people to avoid driving or using gas powered, barbecue and yard equipment. they are being asked to use public transit. temperatures in the high 90s possible again tomorrow which is the tenth spare the air day of the season. of course the calendar may say fall but it felt more like summer. an is live in livermore which was just a few degrees shave the record for this day. >> reporter: there was a classic car show here today and while the cars were cool, the car lover was hot and with temperatures in the high 90's people were forced to bring water and hats and shades when they could. with the sun beating down and temperatures shooting up, residents did what they could to keep cool. >> just go with it. i'm all wet. i will dry off. >> reporter: the fountain a way to keep the kids happy while adults checked out the day. the heat couldn't keep people away from the classic cars. >> looks like a good crowd. >> think it's -- we will probably be heading inside or doing something else. republican the temperatures near record set
. >> i have two young children myself. this hits close to home. unmanageable. >> nothing any of us can do. but our heart goose out to the mom and dad. >> investigators have no motive for the killings and hope to be able to interview the nanny soon. >>> in oakland help may be on the way. officers will be partnering with oakland police to patrol the streets. allie rasmus says some questions have to be answered. >> reporter: this partnership between oakland police and the chp comes to welcome news. in front of this building here behind me is where the city's 101st homicide happened early this morning. >> i live two doors down. at about 5:00 this morning i heard gunshots. >> reporter: some of the people who live on the 300 block reported hearing as many as 10 to 15 gunshots. aimed at vin sent jones jr. he was shot and killed. >> ain't got words. this is beyond. this is beyond my -- >> reporter: the crime in oakland is beyond understanding for many oakland residents. the bishop made a public plea to the governor for help. >> we'll provide that help. i will make sure that our highway patrolmen
used batons or police holds to make arrest. >> reasonable force. officers were confronted with objects. >> reporter: we found this posting written by someone part of the protest. it describes how protesters threw paint bombs at officers. >> generally speaking the cops -- >> reporter: but from his point of view, san francisco police jumped the gun by breaking up the march after just a few blocks and violated first amendment rights. >> acted out of line and policy. they were just crazy. >> reporter: he said officers could have prevented time at the jail if they just played by the rules. patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police are investigating a double shooting at left one man dead, it happened 2:30 a.m. this morning. officers found two men in a car both suffering gun shot wounds. one man died that scene, the other was hospitalized. there are reports the shooter drove off in a silver toyota with front end damage. >> reporter: pg&e is working to restore electricity in hayward, 15 hours after a car accident toppled a pole. the driver crashed around 3:00 a.m. this morning.
of the season, absolutely amazing. >> from day 1, it's been inside of us. they never give up. they try to come back. when you get down after a big inning like that, in a situation like this, there's no time to hang your head. you gotta fight back right away. we got in this dugout. we were ready to go. >> we've all been in a position of having to fight for our livelihood to stay up here. you put a bunch of guys in a clubhouse like that, and there's a mentally that you go out and play as hard as you can, every single game. >> i'm pretty emotional about this. that's what it's about. the effort went into this at every level. >> josh reddick, doing the job! >> reporter: yes. the owner once told me he expected this baby next year but he was shocked that this championship game would happen this year, so early. remember, there's 15 current players on this roster as rookies, including starting pitcher, including evan scribner. three of the four pitchers that pitched today were rookies. just an incredible thing. they have the second lowest batting average in the league, yet they use home runs, timely hi
, the officer fearing that the suspect was arming himself was forced to use lethal force. >> reporter: at that same time, hamid abdul was driving his car less than a block away from home. he says he saw the officer telling the suspect something and the next thing he knew, he heard three shots. >> i was scared. that's why i made a quick left onto another street, right there, and i parked my car. >> reporter: police would not say what kind of weapon the suspect had, but did say it was within reach inside the vehicle. the suspect was transported to eden hospital, where he later died. neighbors are concerned a stray bullet could have entered this elementary school playground. >> it's sad. it's really sad they would do it so close to a school. >> we did lock down the school and we ensured there was no injuries to any of the staff or the students. >> reporter: now, after the scene was secured, police contacted the school to let them know it was all clear to have recess. police have not released identity of the suspect, but said there was a chance there was more than one weapon in the vehicl
and exciting week for joe fonzi who joins us now from cincinnati. >> reporter: that it has. one of the most unlikely come backs. it is interesting that hunter pence was the mid-season acquisition, his pre-game ritual, the speech he would give. another guy is the guy who hit that big grand slam in the fifth inning. >> last four innings, you know, our staff came up with big pitches when they needed to. great feeling. this is a top one for me. being down 0-2, it was a lot of fun. >> need to enjoy it for a while but the work isn't done with either. >> giants are waiting here in town tonight. they got to wait to see what happens between the nationals and cardinals. they will enjoy tonight in cincinnati. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. mark? >> i am sure it is a wait they won't mind. thank you. appreciate it. and we got big stuff happening in a short time with the oakland a's. >> nails will be gone by the end of tonight. >> bay bridge home still alive. >> thank you. >> since the game was played in cincinnati fans here had to pack bars and restaurants to see the game. ktvu's lorraine blanco is liv
is just -- he seems to really just sort of identity with us. >> he has helped us along. push us in the right direction. we appreciate san francisco giving him up. >> reporter: the giants have been having trouble scoring runs, the entire series. they have only got one tonight with -- without the benefit of a hit in the inning but this game -- any way they are holding the reds just one run. they are 1-1 in the 8th. we will update tonight as they are warranted. until then reporting live from cincinnati ohio. >> giants fans gathered all over the bay area to watch their team play in this must win game. we have a camera out at pete's tavern. it's across the street from at&t park. still a lot of eyes glued to the screens watch what will happen. >>> across the bay the a's fans will be part of tonight's sell out crowd there and you can see here they are already outside the ballpark. this is a live picture of the parking lot this is where a lot of fans getting ready to go inskied seat excite -- ininside and see the game. >>> the coverage of the playoff game continues throughout the newsc
. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. >>> at least 38 people are dead, millions are without power after that super storm slammed into the east coast. the storm made land fall in southern new jersey and reported craig boswell is live in new jersey with a look at some of the incredible damage and also what the situation is like right now. craig-- >> reporter: yeah frank good evening to you, look we have so many people without power. 80,000 just in this general area. 2-1/2 million in the garden state alone. millions more across up and down the eastern seaboard. that temperature is plummeting that's going into a very, very cold evening adding insult to injury. >> the level of devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. >> reporter: authorities are blocking the path into atlantic city where portions of the world famous boardwalk were washed away and debris littered the street. >> there's a lot of water. >> reporter: but san dip's wrath extends well beyond the jersey shore on new york's staten island. wiping out dozens of homes. the chilling pictures showing total destruction.
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